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Chris Joubert (He /Him)  is a contemporary artist currently based in Houston, Texas, drawing inspiration from the city's vibrant culture and diverse community. Originally from the Bay Area, San Francisco, Chris's artistic journey has been shaped by his upbringing in a melting pot of creativity and innovation.

While Chris did not pursue formal art education beyond high school, he has embraced a self-taught approach to his craft, immersing himself in the world of art through independent study and hands-on experimentation. Guided by his passion for self-expression, Chris has honed his skills over the years, drawing inspiration from the eclectic mix of influences found in his surroundings.

Chris focuses on abstract impressionism exploring the interplay of color, form and emotion on unprimed canvases.

His unique artistic painting employs gestural knife work and spontaneous mark-making that invites viewers into an immersive experience into the depth of his imagination.

In addition to painting, Chris also incorporates welding into his practice, using metalwork techniques to create sculptures and installations that complement his abstract canvases.

Driven by a desire to explore themes of identity, community, and social change, Chris' art serves as a catalyst for conversation and reflection. Through his work, he seeks to challenge perceptions and inspire empathy, inviting viewers to engage with the world from new perspectives.

Looking to the future, Chris is committed to expanding his artistic practice and sharing his work with a wider audience. He dreams of establishing himself as a recognized artist within the contemporary art scene, using his platform to advocate for social justice and positive change. Ultimately, Chris hopes to create art that sparks dialogue and fosters connections between people from all walks of life.

Artist Statement

In my abstract impressionist paintings, I explore a range of emotions and perceptions using a variety of mediums and tools. I work primarily on wood and canvas, employing brushes, sponges, and painting knives to create texture and depth.

My process involves experimenting with unconventional tools like drywall tape knives and margin trowels, along with homemade knives and concrete floats. I use gesso primer and elastomeric paint to prepare the surface for layering colors and forms. My work is distressed. Many times encompassing whatever I’m feeling. 

I work with a diverse palette, including crayons, chalk, oil sticks, pastel sticks, and various paints like acrylics, oils, and watercolors. I also incorporate materials like wood filler, joint compound, saw blades, and metal shavings to add interest and texture.

Through my art, I aim to evoke different moods and interpretations, inviting viewers to explore their own emotional responses and perceptions within the abstract compositions I create.

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